How to Make a Foreclosure a Solid Real Estate Investment

One of the best methods of current real estate investment is investing in houses that have been foreclosed. When a house is foreclosed, the owner, or the individual, who has taken out a loan from a lending institution has usually defaulted on their payments for the loan. The lending institution takes possession of the home, and will usually want to sell the home as quickly as they can which usually allows for a lower selling price, interest rates, and down payment.

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Investments: How Do You Invest?

From a young age, I have always been told to get good grades, get a good job, your home is an asset, save for retirement, find a financial planner, diversify and debt is bad. This advice had always made sense because everyone I talked to said the same thing. We are all taught the same formula for investing and at times it is difficult for most of us to be disciplined enough to stay on track with all of this advice.

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Property Investments and SMSF

If you are an SMSF holder, it is always recommended to have a diverse portfolio. In the case that one of your ventures should go awry, then at least you will still have your other investments to lean back on. If you invest large sums of your money into one stock or property, however, you could be taking a huge risk. Recently, many people have been finding more comfort in investing in some type of real estate, rather than in foreign currency, stocks or shares.

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